Surviving a long family car ride with kids in tow is not impossible. You may even have fun. Here are the most useful family vacation long car ride tips. Implement them and it will save your your sanity, and have a good time, traveling down the road.

Here are 12 Family Road Trip Survival Tips.

1. Pack Food. Hot food as well as snacks, water and Juices.

Pack a lot of food. Organized for each person. Snacks and food in zip lock bags. Cooked food in snap-a-able containers. Water, and drinks in a cooler. Kids will always want something you don’t have. But, if you are prepared, you won’t need to stop 15 times for something to eat.

Ideas for Snacks

2. Tablets & Headphones are a must!!!!

You will need:

1 Tablet or phone per child

1 Pair of wireless headphones per child.

If you want to have as best a time of a long car ride as you can, the kdis need something to do. There is no way around it. Kids get boared very easily and hate to be confined to a small space. Give them a reason to enjoy their ride. Netflix now lets you download shows and movies to your device. So buy an SD card and start downloading their favorite shows and movies.

Check out these tablets at

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3. Pack Paper towels (not tissues), baby wipes and Have 1 Towel per child easily available

With the food you packed. Hands, clothes and seats will get messy.

Each person should have access to a towel for spreading over themselves when they are eating.

And, paper towel for wiping hands, mouths and easily cleaning up spills. There will always be spills.

Baby wipes are great for cleaning hands and face.

4. The bigger the car, the better

Take the biggest car you can. Or better yet a mini-van. Rent one if necessary. That way everyone will have room to spread out.

5. Put kids in the car sleeping or tired.

Bring pillows to make the kids comfortable and you may have up to 2 -3 hours of your kids sleeping while you are driving.

That’s a great jump start to a peaceful family vacation car ride.

If you can, keep them up late at night or tire them out. (Use with caution. Some kids don’t care how tired they are.)

6. Leave very early (right before dawn)

You have a great chance of bypassing the heavy traffic times.

Kids will likely be sleeping.

Roads are clear.

7. Plan to stop at least every 2 hours

This is so everyone can stretch their legs.

You can bypass that every everyone is occupied or sleeping. But have it in your schedule, just in case.

8. Get some sleep

As the planner and or driver, you need to be rested. Driving while tired is an absolute no-no. Avoid it at all costs.

Get your sleep.

Get your coffee in the morning.

Everyone is depending on you so make sure you are good.

9 Pack the car the night before

Suitcases, cooler, pillows, towels, etc. Pack the car the night before, so all you have to do in the morning is get up and go.

Kids can go into the car in the pajamas. (Hopefully you are leaving early enough and they are still asleep)

Hot food should be packed right before you leave.

10. Have an adult front seat passenger

A front seat passenger controls:

temperature of the car
Food distribution
Manages GPS
Keeps driver awake. It is easy to fall asleep when driving. The adult passenger should always be away and aware of how the driver is doing. If the driver is getting tired, stop. <—This is important

11. Play Games, Sing Songs, Tell Jokes

useful family vacation car survival guide


Sing songs. These can be Disney songs, show tunes, commercials or popular songs on the radio. It may be weird at first. But everyone will get into it.
Tell jokes. Have funny jokes ready. Then ask everyone to tell a joke. Trust me, these can get silly. Let the silliness ensue.
Play Trivia Games. Play Trivia games. Charades, guessing games. Whatever you can think about.
Tell Stories. Make up stories and ask everyone to contribute.
These activities will erupt into laughter and silliness.

12. Be Flexible

Things happen.
You are very prepared for many situations, but we all know things are not always perfect, and that’s ok.
Be flexible with activities, your planning and your schedule. If you didn’t leave early enough, don’t let it get you down.
If you didn’t pack enough snacks, it’s ok. Stop at a gas station or rest stop and fill up.
Be flexible, relax and have a good time with your kids in tow.


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