I was twenty years old, having lunch on Miami beach with Stacey and Melissa, two friends from college.

We were on Ocean avenue on Miami beach. The Atlantic ocean was a beautiful blue across the street.

After partying the night before we ended up  eating breakfast on the terrace, in the afternoon at the famous Clevander restaurant/hotel.

The music was loud, the sun was bright and life was good.

We started to plan our night of parties and dancing. Where to go, what to wear, etc.

Then, a family walks by with a toddler. The parents (I’m assuming) looked tired, and the toddler looked annoyed.

Stacey looked at Melissa and said,

” See, that’s why I’m never having kids. They steal your life. Look at us, if we had kids, we couldn’t be here enjoying ourselves.”

Melissa and Stacey continued discussing the cons of having children. But I was still watching the family as they walked down the street.

It never occurred to me, not to have children.

It was a default.

I am from a family where, as women, you had children.

So, seeing the family didn’t stop me from wanting children, but I was determined to “live and do” once I became a parent.

A year later, I was at a house party.

Mark, Dwayne, Michael and I were playing dominoes.

Michael got a call from his wife and had to leave.

Dwayne turns to us once Michael was gone and said,

“See, that’s why I’m not getting married. Marriage is a killer. All fun stops when you get married.”

As I did in Miami a year earlier, I thought about what Michael said.

Was “marriage” a killer to fun?

I didn’t think so.

I didn’t understand why you couldn’t continue to have fun after you were married.

Needless to say, Stacey and Michael didn’t deter me from getting married or having children.

I was determined to have fun and live a fulfilling life with my family.

After 14 year of being with the love of my life, Gregory and 11 years (and counting) of marriage, we are still having fun and living fulfilling lives.

After 10 years (and counting) of being a Mom, to two fantastic children, Sydney and Ensor, we are still having fun and living fulfilling lives.

Some days, I fall into bed exhausted, tired and cranky from all the “stuff” I have to do, and the level of responsibility I have to myself and my family.

It is not easy.

Nothing worth doing is.

But, it’s worth it.

I won’t wait until I retire, because tomorrow is promised to no one.

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