It was a sunny saturday afternoon in Barcelona.

Gregory and I were having our coffee and checking our social media account. It was August, and hot outside.

Sydney’s birthday was coming up. It was a big one.

She was entering “double digits”.

The big 10.

We called her in and asked her, “Sydney what do you want for your birthday?”

She replied, “Well you asked. You’re not going to like it but here goes. I want to go to Paris for my birthday and eat macaroons next to the Eiffel tower.

She had a defiant look on her face waiting for us to tell her no, it’s ridiculous but we said nothing.

We continued drinking our coffee without saying anything, other than, “Ok, thank you for telling us.”

This trip was already in the works. I knew that’s what she wanted because she’d mentioned it about a year earlier when going to Paris was not in the cards.

But, living in Europe, it became a possibility.

A week before her birthday, Gregory and I sat her down and said, “We’re going to Paris for your birthday so you can eat macaroons next to the Eiffel tower.”

She absolutely lost it.

Our job was done, lol.

Well almost.

We still had to put the trip together.

Going to Paris for a quick trip was only an option because we are already in Europe.

If we were living in the USA, going to Paris for a “quick” trip wouldn’t make sense. Not only the cost, but the flight time.

Now, we wanted to take advantage of our proximity to Paris.




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