Our apartment was literally on the Grand canal, in the Cannaregio neighborhood. When we looked out of our windows, water was actually lapping against the outside of the building. Outside our front door was canal access. Delivery boats would tie up and off load and deliver there.

Venice Hotels

The Venice hotels are nice, and can range up to very posh and expensive if you desire.  Our visit to the  Hotel Danieli, A Luxury Marriott hotel, revealed an extremely opulent atmosphere complete with beautiful couches and chandeliers in the common areas, to sixty euro per person brunch prices, which we did not do.

Venice, Should You Visit?

I sincerely enjoyed the atmosphere Venice had to offer.  It is truly a unique place.  I enjoyed the food, and the food.

I actually cooked a pasta breakfast one morning  before we set out, and the local ingredients I used, made a really good dish, extraordinary.  We enjoyed several machiato’s, expresso, and latte (foam) with sugar.  A Machiato and a croisant or pastry of some type are a traditional and outstanding way to begin the morning, or relax with later in the day. 

One of the other charms of staying in the neighborhood via airbnb, even though it gets crowded every day, is that the local coffee shop people and fruit salesmen and other merchants get used to seeing you come and go.  They were all very friendly, and were sure to wave and greet us when they saw us.  The atmosphere was truly beautiful and matched the architecture, just beautiful.

Exploring Venice with My Kids In Tow

We visited many of the well known sites, however the Basilica and St Marks Sq.  are indeed breathtaking.  The openness of the setting, at the tip of grand canal is one  of the few truly huge open areas in Venice.  After a couple of days walking through the somewhat quaintness of Venice, it was quite jolting to see a structure and area and sky so large, and so beautiful.

One of the amazing things is to take in the concept of Venice.  Just taking in the beauty and the clean canals, and the Adriatic sea, we literally, and the kids literally could not be bored.  Just sitting outside watching the boats go by, is just wonderful.  It is such a different environment from anywhere they’ve been, that just sitting  and talking was no problem.  It’s amazing, no boredom, just a clean looking city, with not one foul odor, and pristine canals.

Ah, the romance of this harbor town, with evening lights that shimmer on canals, and in the bottom of your glass.  It’s truly a gem in the Adriatic.  If you’re anywhere near it, Venice is a destination  not to be missed.  After four days, on a rainy windswept morning, we boarded a bullet train for Florence, and bid Venice a loving fare well.